VUITY Eye Drops for to Eliminate Bifocals

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VUITY Eye Drops for to Eliminate Bifocals

You’ve probably seen the advertisements for Vuity eye Drops. These drops used once per day are intended to minimize or eliminate reading glasses for those with presbyopia. Here’s the scoop!

The drops are actually an old medication (pilocarpine) that has been used to treat glaucoma for decades. Newer medications evolved, and the medication has fallen out of favor of doctors who manage patients with glaucoma. However, one of the main effects of the drop is making the pupil very small. If you’ve ever played with a manual camera, by making the pupil (aperture of a camera) very small, it creates what is called a longer depth of focus. In your eye, a smaller pupil means better vision at both near and far.

For some, this can mean minimizing or eliminating bifocals, with quite a few clarifications:

  • the medication only lasts a limited time: often less than 6 hours.
  • you should not take the drop more than once per day due to potential side effects
  • most users state their vision is “dimmer” in darker environments
  • some users complain of irritable tummy, or even diarrhea if they use more than one drop per day
  • headaches
  • don’t insert the drop while wearing contact lenses

Bottom line:

We’ve been prescribing Vuity with patients since it came on the market, and although it definitely has the intended effect, many patients feel the value of using the drop does not make it worth the cost (about $80 per bottle).

That said, we don’t discourage anyone from giving it a try to see if it meets their needs.

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