New Treatments to Slow Down Myopia Progression

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New Treatments to Slow Down Myopia Progression

Nearsightedness, (known in medical terms as myopia) is now considered an epidemic on a global basis. So many children are developing myopia that significant research is underway, searching for how to slow down the progression of this disorder.

There are several treatment options, some of which have been used for decades, but had very little scientific evidence that they truly worked. The most common options our office is now recommending to patients includes bifocal contact lenses, bifocal glasses, orthokeratology, and a low does eye drop called atropine.  We have explored all of these as reasonable treatment options.

Below is a link to an interesting article posted to the National Institute of Health website. For those of you who enjoy the meat of the research, here is a link to the summary.

If you have a child who you would like us to evaluate and explain the various myopia control treatment options, please contact the office at your convenience at 708-481-4600.

Interventions to Reduce Myopia Progression in Children.

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