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Register with Practice ID = BQ9962P

We’re excited to be the first practice worldwide to use the app. Our office was part of the development of this great tool! It costs you nothing, but has GREAT benefits!

How often do you refer friends and relatives, but you never really know if they go to the Doc to which you referred them?  Now using myEYEapp, you can refer, and check to see if the referrals actually went! Then, thanks to our patient thank you program, you’ll have a reward waiting for you next time you’re at the office! Send 10 patients… 10 rewards!

southlandeye myeyeappmyEYEapp does 5 key things once you have it on your phone or mobile device:

  1. Refer Friends: refer with the app, and the app tracks your referrals. Each referral generates a gift for you at Southland Eye. During you future visit, just show your referral screen, and retrieve your gift!
  2. Order Contacts: skip calling and waiting on the phone. Just open the app and click on Order Contact Lenses.
  3. Request Appointments: sitting at home and suddenly remember it’s time for  your exam? Just open the app and submit a request. The Office Staff will get back to you with the next time that meets your request criteria.
  4. Telemedicine: So  you’re traveling and you or a family member has a sudden eye problem… what do you do?  Request an appointment via our video telemedicent platform, and your doctor will meet you by video at a scheduled time. Great for emergencies, or if you just need some time to ask some questions!
  5. Eye Emergency: Click the Emergency Button, and you’ll be connected by phone to our office line!

Download the myEYEapp (free download)

  • Visit Google Play OR the Apple App Store, and download the myEYEapp from Neovix (or visit this page: for direct links)
  • Register using the Practice ID = BQ9962P
  • Complete your profile (address, phone, family members etc) – it truly only takes 2-3 minutes

Start Referring!

When you refer from within the app, all the tracking is done automatically!  If you refer by word of mouth, or social marketing, tell others to download the app, and USE YOUR REFERRAL ID shown on your myEYEapp login screen!