Black Friday Gift Certificates



Sure, you can buy a gift certificate for yourself. But why not give a gift certificate for an eye exam, eyeglasses, contact lenses to someone you care about?

Think about it! A gift certificate for Southland Eye makes a lot of sense.   Share a gift that assures your friends or family members of healthy eyes and good vision. Give a Southland Eye Gift Certificate. It’s practical. It’s thoughtful. It’s one heck of a deal!

Save 30%

One $50.00 gift certificate for only $35.00!

That’s an AWESOME 30% discount!

Save 40%

One $100.00 gift certificate for only $60.00!

That’s a WHOPPING 40% discount!

Save 50%

One $200.00 gift certificate for only $100.00!

That’s an AMAZING 50% discount!


Eye Exams

  • For a friend or family member who hasn’t had an exam for… who knows how long!
  • For a friend or family member who has no vision insurance!


contacts from southland eye

Terms and Conditions (The Fine Print)

  • You will receive a gift certificate via email approximately 48 hours of purchase.
  • Gift certificates are non-refundable.
  • Gift certificates expire in 24 months. If the gift certificate is not utilized within 24 months, it may be deemed void and have zero value after the 24th month.
  • Southland Eye will apply a non-refundable credit to purchaser’s account. Credit may be transferred to another person’s Southland Eye Account.
  • If purchaser does not have an account with our practice, we will create one in the name of the purchaser, using the information provided at the time of purchase, and apply the credit.
  • Credit may only be used at Southland Eye Associates, PC for products or services supplied by our Olympia Fields office.
  • Once purchased, no refund or conversion to cash is provided.
  • No refunds: Exchanges only.
  • Subject to change without notice.