Restasis for Dry Eyes

Some years back some very bright doctors noted that patients on an antibiotic, cyclosporine, had improved dry eye complaints. Restasis was born!

Restasis dry eye drop packUsing Restasis twice per day has been shown on multiple research projects to improve dry eye complaints.  Your doctor must decide if you have the right type of dry eye issues to try Restasis. If you do, our doctors will provide you with the minimum prescription of 90 days.   Most patients do not see an improvement for 90 days of use of Restasis.



Restasis is believed to work locally in the eye by adjusting the immune system in the eye. Tear production is thought to be decreased when certain white blood cells called lymphocytes die and accumulate in the tear glands on the white of the eye. Restasis reverses this condition, increasing tear production. Again, an increase in tear production may not be noticed until 3 to 6 months after starting treatment with Restasis.