Eye Disorders

Southland Eye (formerly Family Eyecare Associates) has been providing eye health services since 1955. From routine eye care to management of disorders such as glaucoma, our doctors are here to provide you the advice and services to maintain a happy visual future.


Our eye care professionals strive to maintain clear and healthy vision for your lifetime. Up to date with all the latest procedures and testing, you’re entire family is in good hands at Family Eyecare Associates. Follow this link for more about Examination Services.

Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric vision care is as much an art as a skill. We’ve been providing vision care services for children of all ages. Dry Eyes Evaluation and Treatment. The diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes can be challenging. But when the solution is found, its a tremendous relief to the afflicted individual. Follow this link for more about Pediatric Services.

Contact Lenses

From basic disposable contact lenses to the most advanced fitting of bifocal or lenses to treat eye disorders, our doctors can help. Follow this link for more about Contact Lens Services.


Certified opticians, a state of the art finishing laboratory, and over 1000 frames to choose from makes our optical one of the top in the Southland. Follow this link for more about Optical Services.

Low Vision

Our office is considered one of the key resources for the Chicagoland area for individuals suffering from macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other vision impairing disorders. Follow this link for more about Low Vision Services.

Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma requires multiple forms of testing to maintain optimum health, and minimize vision loss. The GDX test can assist the doctor in maintaining your your healthy eyes and good vision. Follow this link for more about Glaucoma Services.

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