May 14, 2020: We’re Open!

Please contact the office (708-481-4600 to schedule your next appointment. Emergencies are receiving priority, but we are not scheduling patients through the month of May to refine our new safety protocols for the protection of patients, staff and doctors. Patient exam hours will expand as we move toward full time over the next 2 months.

Dr. Lipschultz will not have a schedule available until air travel is deemed safe. Until then, Drs Shah and Rowley will be at your service. Dr. Lipschultz is always available by phone or video conference if you wish to chat with him!

Call 708-540-6099 to schedule your Telemedicine Consultation.

First, rest assured we are here to assist our patients in need during the Coronavirus Outbreak. We are following nationally recommended protocol, but in the event you have an urgent need, question, emergency, or need a prescription refilled, CALL US!

The Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) has created a very special situation in our community, and in health care overall. To do our best to “flatten the curve” of the spread of the virus, wherever possible we will be utilizing telephone or video to complete eye exams and consultations.

Also called Telemedicine, your doctor with meet with you ideally by video conference. In some situations, telephone may also be used, but the doctor will need to see you in most instances through video.

Medicare, and most insurances will cover your telemedicine appointment. If you do not have insurance, please call anyway and our staff will advise you of the costs. Of course, if you have our Family Vision Plan those costs will be lowered.

Here’s how it works!

First, you will need to be either at a computer or a cell phone with a functioning video camera such as those used with Skype or Facetime.

  • We use a product called ZOOM.
  • Computer users: If you like to prepare, visit and become familiar with the link at the top of the page =  “Join a Meeting.”
  • Cell phone users: download the ZOOM app from your app store. You do not need to create an account. You will simple be “Joining a Meeting”
  • Zoom has a free version, so if you wish to practice before your video meeting, feel free to create an account and “play.”

Now, when you’re ready to schedule, do the following: 

  1. Call our office at 708-540-6099 to request a telemedicine consultation
  2. Our staff will schedule the consultation with the doctor, and you will receive an email invitation with a link to the consultation (meeting)
  3. Click on the link to Join the Meeting.
  4. You should launch with audio and video working. If there are any challenges, we’ll call  you by phone to assist you.
  5. At the conclusion of your consultation, the doctor will call in or fax you any instructions or prescriptions required.

Thats it!

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NOTICE: During the Coronavirus Outbreak, our office will provide consultations using Telemedicine: Read More, or request an appointment!

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